Chapter Conduct

TCU is committed to maintaining high standards for our fraternities and sororities by upholding organization and University policies, procedures, and expectations. The following reports provide information related to any organizational conduct cases. If you have questions about any of the incidents, or if you would like to report a violation, please contact Fraternity and Sorority Life.

In accordance with Texas Education Code, Section 51.936(c), any organization that has been disciplined and/or convicted of hazing, on or off campus, within the last three years will also be included in this report.

Conduct Reports

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Prohibition of Hazing Memorandums

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Chapter Grades

TCU Fraternities and Sororities maintain high academic standards. The cumulative GPA for our fraternity and sorority community is consistently higher than the all undergraduate GPA. The following reports include the all-campus grade point average information for the last three years.

Grade Reports

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