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Fraternity & Sorority Intake and Membership Recruitment Update:

The processes for joining fraternities and sororities at TCU will look different in the year ahead. At this time, we are exploring all possibilities for membership intake and formal recruitment processes including adjusted schedules in the fall or spring semesters as well as online options. We are working with a moving target and therefore need to be prepared with a large variety of flexible solutions. 

Ultimately, we will make the decision that is safest for our students and will continue working with Tarrant County health officials, as well as experts on our own team at TCU, to gather and interpret the information needed to make that decision when the time is right. In the meantime, we are working with national and international organizations and conferences to review their recommendations and policies and determine if and how they apply to all fraternities and sororities at TCU. Ultimately, the fraternity and sorority experience is of great importance to our institution and we will find a way to conduct the necessary recruitment and intake processes, they just may look different than usual.

Fraternity and Sorority Life at Texas Christian University began in 1955 when the first fraternity chapter was established. Fifty years and thousands of members later, the Greek Community is thriving and now offers 43 fraternities and sororities.