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IFC Spring 2021 Recruitment Info 

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  1. What are the dates for Spring 2021 Recruitment? 
    • IFC Spring Recruitment Registration will be from Dec 15th, 2020 – Feb 3rd, 2021
    • Listed below is the spring recruitment schedule
      • Tues, Feb. 2nd
        • Kick-Off & Meet and Greet (BLUU Ballroom) at 6PM
      • Wed, Feb. 3rd – Sun, Feb. 14th – IFC Chapter Recruitment Events
        • Chapters taking a spring incoming class will host recruitment events throughout this time frame.
      • Tues, Feb 16th – Spring Bid Day
    • Men interested in participating in recruitment should register HERE. During recruitment, your student will be able to meet all 13 of our chapters. We encourage students to do research on all fraternities. You can find the chapter’s website and information under the IFC tab. If you have questions, email Anthony Trolio the VP of Recruitment at tcuifcvprecruitment@gmail.com.
  2. How do I register for IFC men’s recruitment?
    • Starting December 15th, you can register for IFC men’s recruitment by clicking HERE.
    • The deadline to register for recruitment is Monday, February 3rd at 9AM CT.
  3. Can fraternities contact my student during the summer? I know for sorority recruitment this isn’t allowed.
    • Fraternities are allowed to reach out to your student during the summer. Our groups are also allowed to have summer events and invite your student to those events.
  4. Can my student receive a bid before school starts?
    • The answer to this question is yes but has some elements of complexity. When you receive a bid, the bid is not binding until the fraternity provides the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life their official bid list and you sign your bid card. For more information about this question, please call the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life at 817-257-7281 and speak with the IFC Adviser, David Sommers.
  5. Where can I find previous grade reports for fraternities?
  6. Where can I find previous conduct concerns for fraternities? 
  7. What are the average dues for a new member? 
    • Our average dues for a new member is $1,280 for their first semester in the fraternity. That price will go down to an average $1,100 per semester after your student has been initiated.
  8. If I am from out of state what are my odds of receiving a bid?
    • In the Fall of 2019, more students from out of state received bids to fraternities then students from the state of Texas.
  9. Do I need to move on campus early for recruitment?
    • No, you cannot move on campus early for recruitment. You will move onto campus on your assigned move in date.
  10. How will I receive more information about recruitment after I register?
    • After registering for recruitment, you will received regular communication from Vice President of Recruitment with information about the recruitment process. You can find more information on our website as well as our Instagram. 
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