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Fraternity & Sorority Life Resident Assistants (FSL RA) are undergraduate students who have been selected on the basis of their ability to communicate, willingness to accept responsibility, enthusiasm to help others, and familiarity with TCU. In Fraternity & Sorority Housing, the FSL RAs work to establish and maintain a living environment conducive to a successful educational experience in each fraternity/sorority facility as well as being a resource to students.

Reporting to the Hall Director, FSL RAs are responsible for building relationships, upholding the rules and regulations of TCU, disseminating necessary information, attending to the personal safety of the residents, and helping maintain and protect University property. FSL RAs attend training programs and workshops throughout the year in order to facilitate their own growth and development and to offer better service to residents.

If you have any questions, Email Devin Wimberly.

Resources for the Process:

FSL RA Job Description

FSL RA Application Checklist

Time Management Activity Guide

Hall Director Info for HD Meeting:

Gabriela Nunezgabriela.m.nunez@tcu.eduKappa Kappa Gamma & Kappa Alpha Theta
Bella Rickei.r.ricke@tcu.eduGamma Phi Beta, Delta Delta Delta, and Phi Mu
Amayah Griffinamayah.griffin@tcu.eduWomen's Hall & Delta Gamma
Darric Wardd.ward7@tcu.eduDelta Tau Delta & Kappa Sigma
Cody Flynnc.flynn15@tcu.eduBeta Theta Pi, Lambda Chi Alpha, & Sigma Chi
Maddie Steelem.steele12@tcu.eduSigma Kappa & Zeta Tau Alpha
Kelsie Gamma Delta, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, & Phi Kappa Sigma
Krystel Hernadezk.hernandez22@tcu.eduSigma Nu & Sigma Phi Epsilon
Sarah Rasingsarah.rasing@tcu.eduAlpha Chi Omega & Pi Beta Phi
Nichole Fernandez-Juradon.fernandezjurado@tcu.eduAlpha Delta Pi & Chi Omega
Karen Cleggk.clegg@tcu.eduPhi Delta Theta & Pi Kappa Phi